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Are we really who we say we are? Rock star, Owen Lovejoy, is ready to put a sudden and unannounced end to his fictional alter ego, Caesar Moon. But on the night Owen plans to kill off Caesar, he is surprised by a mysterious teenage girl who sneaks into his dressing room. Cece, whose life's soundtracks are the songs of Caesar Moon, is arguably his biggest fan. She is now determined to reconnect Owen with his past and his humanity before it's too late. As both Caesar and Cece explore the layers of the other's identity, this comedy poses the question: Who are we really without each other?



By David Wells

Directed by:
Frannie Shepherd-Bates

Katie Terpstra
Michael Brian Ogden*

*Member of the Actors' Equity Association


Young Americans is a story that can appeal to a broad audience. Set in 1986, older patrons will grab hold of the many references to music from their coming of age time–The Rolling Stones especially–and younger audience members (teens recommended) should be able to relate to the notion that all that glitters is not gold, especially if it is in the form of bling jewelry, fame and money., David Kiley

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