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Show Summary

When a freak accident leaves Carl - a successful science writer - with amnesia, his wife, Miranda, has to help him pick up the pieces. The only problem is, their marriage was already heading towards trouble.

With Carl's memory loss and new personality, Miranda struggles to see past the man he once was. She is forced to decide between helping him remember all that he's lost or forgetting her past and moving on.

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" direction from Frannie Shepherd-Bates... allows each of her talented actors to shine and genius set and projection design from Moníka Essen... elevates the narrative with a hauntingly dream-like quality."
-Roy Sexton,

"It’s especially gratifying to see a touch of empathy and humanity gracing a theatrical production - and when the play stays zoned in on Miranda and Carl’s building-from-the-ash relationship - this remarkable show leaves you more than satisfied."
-Nate Adams,


by Y York

Directed by
Frannie Shepherd-Bates

Assistant Directed by
Bridgette Jordan

Dave Davies
Julia Glander*
Alex Leydenfrost*

*Members of the Actors' Equity Association

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