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Sarah Hawkins Moan

Sarah Hawkins Moan is delighted to be making her Tipping Point Theatre debut!  A native of Indiana, Sarah has been working as an actress, director, and educator across the country for the last ten years. She received her MFA from Wayne State University and apprenticed with the Commonweal Theatre Company in Lanesboro, MN.  Past shows include Failure: A Love Story (Gertrude Fail) at Planet Ant; Motherhood Out Loud at the Matrix; Who Am I This Time? And Other Conundrums of Love (Doris/Gloria) at Open Book Theatre, Romeo & Juliet (Juliet’s Nurse - Wilde Award-nominated performance), Boeing Boeing (Gloria), and Big Love (Lydia) at the Hilberry Theatre. Regionally, Sarah has worked with with the Commonweal Theatre Company (Lanesboro, MN), CLIMB Theatre (St. Paul, MN), and Creede Repertory Theatre (Creede, CO).  Currently, Sarah makes her home in Hazel Park and teaches at Eastern Michigan University and Henry Ford College.

Previous Tipping Point Work

Office Hours (Season 11)