You can only tune out reality
for so long

Northville, MI - Amelia grew up in the American Foster Care system, bouncing from house to house, never finding her forever home. Turning to television as an escape, Amelia found a family in the characters on the screen. They made her laugh, taught her important life lessons, and, most importantly, never left her. Now in her 30’s, Amelia enters the sound stage of her own personal dark comedy when her mother, on compassion release from jail, moves into her one bedroom apartment hoping to reconnect. Read more…



Amelia Dani Cochrane*
Sonia Sandra Birch*
Iris Tiffany Aisha King
Ben Michael Lopetrone*

*Members of the Actors' Equity Association

Production Team
Director Beth Torrey
Assistant Director Gabriella S. Csapo
Set & Projection Design Jen Maiseloff
Properties Design Romina Ramirez
Costume Design Katherine Nelson
Lighting Design Joel Klain
Sound Design Quintessa Gallinat
Stage Manager Tracy L. Spada*
Assistant Stage Manager Romina Ramirez

Media Contact

Natalie LaCroix-Tann