True West

Performances through April 23, 2017

"...some of the finest acting you are likely to see this year"

- Encore Michigan Review

NORTHVILLE, Mich. – Tipping Point Theatre has a passion for reviving classic American plays that speak to transformational shifts in our collective psyche. True West, by Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Sam Shephard, embodies the bleak, postmodern skepticism of the late 20th Century. More than that, Shephard imbues his characters and their stories with an irresistible gravitational pull that is the hallmark of great entertainment.

This play works like a Mason jar used to capture a scorpion. It lets us examine, at close proximity, something that both terrifies and fascinates us. We’re happy to tap on the glass to see what happens, but we don’t want to let out. In this case, the scorpion is that dark, violent, uncomfortable aspect of the American experience that hides away from polite society but is, in many ways, truer and more substantial.


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