The one constant in Amelia’s life has always been TV. Growing up in different foster homes, it was a comfort to know she always had a makeshift family waiting for her on the screen. Now in her 30’s, Amelia continues to escape her daily life with the help of TV. When her estranged mother moves in, she is forced to make an actual human connection. Anatomy of a Hug is a touching story of finding a way to forgive, even when it seems impossible.

Amelia Dani Cochrane*
Sonia Sandra Birch*
Iris Tiffany Aisha King
Ben Michael Lopetrone*

*Members of the Actors' Equity Association


Production Team
Director Beth Torrey
Set & Projection Design Jen Maiseloff
Properties Design Romina Ramirez
Costume Design Katherine Nelson
Lighting Design Joel Klain
Sound Design Quintessa Gallinat
Stage Manager Tracy L. Spada*
Assistant Stage Manager Romina Ramirez


by Kat Ramsburg

July 25 -
Aug. 25, 2019

Genre Comedy | Drama

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