Make a Dramatic Difference

We do the very best we can with what we have, but a little extra support from our patrons goes a long way at Tipping Point!  As we approach year-end, I want to update you on a few areas that could be tremendously impacted by your donation.  If any of these areas interest you, or if you know someone that may be able to help us, please let me know - our ongoing success is dependent on the continued generosity of our patrons and your support of the arts!  


Dan Ferrara
Director of Development


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Lighting Updates

2017-12-01 10.16.41.jpg

We are in the process of replacing our entire lighting system at the theatre.  We'll be purchasing and installing new, energy-efficient LED fixtures, many that have moving heads that can be controlled directly from our light board.  This is important because it will increase the quality of the shows, save money and energy on our electric bill, and the LED fixtures won't generate as much heat, which will make the theatre more comfortable!  Our equipment was used when we bought it at opening 11 years ago, and it's well overdue for replacement.  

We've been awarded a grant for $53,000 to complete this project, but it requires that we raise another $53,000 in matching funds to receive the money.  This equipment is not inexpensive, but the grant and matching funds would cover the entirety of the project and allow our new lighting system to be up and running before this season ends!


Lobby Updates

2017-12-01 10.11.39.jpg

Just like our theatre, our lobby is 11 years old!  With your support, we'll be undergoing lobby renovations in 2018 to fix leaks, replace carpet, paint, add pre-show seating for patrons and help manage the tremendous amount of sunlight that comes through our many, many windows!  This is a project that will benefit our audiences and allow us to continue to enhance the overall theatre experience.

We're currently seeking a sponsor for this project and offering a package that includes significant recognition in our program and the lobby space.  Individual donors will also be recognized in the lobby on a permanent basis.


Technology Updates

Are you noticing a trend in our giving requests?  As a non-profit, we manage our funds extremely carefully and we're often working with equipment that we've stretched past its usual usage window.  Many of our computers have outlived their best days, and we're looking for replacements - both laptops and desktops.  Additionally, if you have a used ipad (any generation), we have use for it in our lighting and sound booth.  

2017-12-01 10.15.13.jpg

In our ongoing quest to manage our heating and cooling in the building, we're going to be converting to wifi thermostats (3 of them!).  This will help us better control the climate in the theatre space during performances as well as optimize our energy use and lower our utility bills.  A donation toward the cost of these thermostats would certainly impact the theatre and all of our audiences for years to come.

If you'd like to partner, sponsor or discuss a larger gift or planned giving, please contact our Director of Development, Dan Ferrara by calling the theatre at (248) 347-0003 or emailing