About Tipping Point Theatre


The tipping point is that one dramatic moment in an epidemic when everything changes all at once. Tipping Point Theatre started out as a "vagabond" theatre company operating under the umbrella of the Parks and Recreation department. We would perform in any empty space we could get our hands on and payed our actors with nothing but smiles and applause. In 2007, we reached our own personal tipping point and, incorporated as a professional, non-profit 501(c)3 organization in the state of Michigan, we opened our permanent facility in downtown Northville.

Now under the direction of James R. Kuhl, Tipping Point is starting its 12th season with new branding accompanied by the same great production standards. Join us as we work to foster human interactions with our surrounding communities through live, professional theatre. 

Whether you're an audience member, actor, designer, or donor, we look forward to seeing you "at the Point!"