2014-2015 Season

Join us at the Tipping Point Theatre for our “Crazy 8th Season”


Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike by Christopher Durang

Sept. 18 – Oct 19, 2014

Winner of the 2013 Tony Award for Best Play! A wacky family comedy about aging sibling, regret, and absurd humor!

Vanya and adopted sister Sonia share a home in Bucks County, PA, where they bicker and complain about their lives. Melancholy turns into mayhem, when their aging diva actress sister, Masha and her young hot boy toy, Spike, stop by for a surprise visit and threaten to sell the house. This throws the household into utter upheaval as its residents and visitors get swept up in a midlife crisis of lust, sibling rivalry, and regret. Only one thing is certain: no one will get out of this without looking absolutely ridiculous! This hysterically funny adaptation of Chekhov’s themes (that doesn’t require familiarity with Chekhov!) proves that the human condition never changes.


Messages From the Other Side*

Oct 4, 2014

Tickets on sale Sept 1 $85 (not included in SeasonPASS)

Join psychic, Rachel Rains, as TPT hosts a fundraising event in the style of _The Long Island Medium. It is an evening you won’t soon forget. Ms. Rains has been featured on 105.1 (Jim Harper & The Magic Morning Show). She also had appearances on 100.3 WNIC, Pyschic On Air CBS Radio, 93.1 WDRQ, Fox 2 News, and Channel 4 (WDIV). something new! Oct 12, 2014


The Rainmaker by Richard M. Nash

November 13 – December 14, 2014 

A classic romantic comedy

At a time of devastating drought in the West lays the story of “plain” Lizzie Curry whose father and two brothers are worried as much about her potential future as an old maid as they are about their dying cattle. The brothers try every possible scheme to marry her off – without success – nor is there any sign of relief from the dry heat. When suddenly from out of nowhere a charming, sweet-talking man appears with quite the sales pitch. He promises to bring rain, while he turns his magic on Lizzie, and persuades her that she has a very real beauty of her own. The Rainmaker is a classic American story of love, faith, and the notion that the power to be happy is within ourselves.


Home for the Holidays*

December 18-27, 2014

Join us for an evening of songs and stories. New Year’s Eve Event Dec 31 Tickets are $75 and include an afterglow party following the performance.


LEAVING IOWA By Time Clue & Spike Manton

January 29 – March 8, 2015  

A heartfelt comedy about family roadtrips!

Newspaper columnist Don Browning is searching for the perfect spot to scatter his dad’s ashes years after his death. Join him as he sets out on a solo journey across the Midwest and through some of the zany and emotional family road trip vacations he took with his Dad, Mom, and sister. Through the long stretches of corn fields, conflicts with siblings, and the tourist traps that litter his memories, he rediscovers his love and admiration for his Dad. Leaving Iowa is a rewarding journey – one that goes beyond nostalgia and into the very nature of families and the joys and experiences that bind us together.


Love, Loss, and what I wore*

March 13-15, 2015

Back by popular demand

In this heartfelt comedy by chick-flick favorites, Nora and Delia Ephron, clothing is used as a vehicle to access some of the most vulnerable moments in a woman’s life. Through a collection of monologues,the all-female cast reminds us that what we wear flourishes more than our outfit; it accessorizes life’s most pivotal moments of love and loss.


The Outgoing Tide by Bruce Graham

April 9 – May 3, 2015

A timeless story of family-MICHIGAN PREMIERE

Gunner has retired from his trucking business and now lives in their summer home on the Chesapeake Bay with his wife of 50 years. He has come up with an unorthodox plan to secure his family’s future. His plan is met with resistance from his wife, Peg and son, Jack, who have plans of their own. As winter approaches, the three must quickly find common ground and come to an understanding—BEFORE THE TIDE GOES OUT. The play echo’s the responsibilities that family members have for one another and the ways in which our family shapes our identity as we grow up.


 A Lovely Sunday for Creve Coeur  by Tennessee Williams

May 28 – June 28, 2015

An unexpected Tennessee Williams that is sweet, honest and totally enjoyable

Set in a cramped St. Louis apartment in the mid-1930s, where Dorothea, a high school civics teacher, rooms with Bodey, a plain but caring and kind-hearted German-American spinster. Dorothea, a hopeless romantic, dreams of marriage with the principal of the school, while her protective roommate, Bodey, hopes to match Dorothea up with her fat, cigar-smoking twin brother, Buddy. Bodey tries to persuade Dorothea to join them for a picnic at Creve Coeur, a nearby amusement park. Their departure is delayed by the arrival of Helena, a snobbish, tart-tongued art teacher, who wants Dorothea to share an apartment with her in a better part of town. Inevitably, a struggle evolves between Bodey and Helena, with Dorothea, lost in her dream world, caught between these two strong women.

Invasive Species by Joseph Zettelmaier

July 23 –August 23, 2015

Be careful what you fish for… WORLD PREMIERE

Earl Hobbs doesn’t like people. He likes fish and has been fishing Michigan’s lakes all his life. Alone with his secrets, he continues this tradition in a little private fishing hole by his house. Until one summer night he reels in something that leaves him speechless. He researches what this mysterious creature in his fish tank may be, catching the attention of DNR agent, Eden Selkirk. Will these two loners discover they have more in common than just the fish, or will this mysterious aquatic menace threaten her job and disrupt his fishing hole forever? Joeseph Zettelmaier is the Michigan playwright of _It Came from Mars_ (Thespie Award, Best Original Script) and last season’s holiday hit, _Ebenezer _(Pulsar Award for Best Original Script).


*Special Event- not included in SeasonPASS

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Performances will be held at 8:00 p.m. Thursday through Saturday, with matinees at 3 p.m. Saturday and 2 p.m. Sunday. We will also offer one special Wednesday matinee for each of our six productions.  Ticket prices range from $27 to $32.

Tipping Point Theatre is located at 361 E. Cady Street, Northville, MI 48167.   We are a not-for-profit, professional live theatre company, dedicated to producing plays that excite, enlighten and enrich our audiences. Our mission statement is to foster human interactions and relations, creating a unifying, yet personal experience through affordable, professional theatre performances and community outreach.

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