Stage Combat with Wayne David Parker, Combat instructor for over thirty years and instructors at Eastern Michigan University.

Basic Hand to Hand Combat Workshop will teach fundamental maneuvers of stage combat with a  major emphasis on safety. Training in this workshop will focus on punches, slaps, and kicks to the face, stomach, back and groin. Additionally, tumbling with an emphasis on showing how this relates to falls and throws coupled with chokes and hair pulls. Schools will need to supply tumbling mats for instruction to take place.

Basic Sword Workshop will be taught using wooden dowel rods to insure safety for all. Focus will be on basic terminology, grips, and footwork. The major emphasis of the workshop will be on the importance of safety in staging fight work. The workshop will culminate in a choreographed fight.

These workshops are taught in 2 to 3 hour blocks, but can be tailored to your needs:

2 hour workshop = $200

3 hour workshop = $275

Stage Fights = $150-$300 depending on fights

Fights and workshop for 1 hour = $250

Additional fees may apply for driving distance.
Discounted tickets are available to schools who partner with Tipping Point Theatre.